Sunday, January 29, 2012

a little housekeeping for the cat people in my life

So I've found I enjoy blogging from time to time.  It's nice to keep a journal of trips, activities, family events - and a way to keep up with friends and family.  I've also started to enjoy some creative writing of sorts, about my experiences, opinions, and aimless rantings related to dog training and behavior.

Not that there's a huge readership of The Days of Wine and WetColdNoses, but frankly, I don't think my family, and some friends, really care about an indepth discussion of whether the gentle leader is in fact any more gentle than other tools we use to control our untrained dogs.  But if you and I could probably go on for hours on that topic, you may want to tune in to my other blog, TrainingDogMa!  (Click on the link.  Then, feel free to consider for a moment whether the click must *always* be followed by a treat.  If you don't get this joke, stick with The Days of Wine and WetColdNoses.)  TrainingDogMa: a place for me to hang out with other animal behavior nerds.

Enjoy family photos of all those lovely Withuns?  Stay right here!